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Maraekat offers specialized services to the travel and foreign exchange domains based on its in depth understanding of the industry.

Our experience allows us to identify and anticipate any issues that may arise in the day to day operations of a travel organization and use a

prevention-oriented approach to tackle them. Our wide range of services serves as ancillary support to travel portal development, money

changing software, agent to sub-agent business modules and overall development of software and technlogy.

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API Integrations

  Maraekat is familiar with the several intricacies which accompany the development of an online travel portal requiring API integration. We have connected over 20 XML’s for hotels, car rentals, buses, cruises, sightseeing, etc as well as GDS and third party suppliers for flights.

payment gateway

Payment Gateway

  Overview: Through Maraekat, you can now integrate any payment gateway into your upcoming/existing website & avail of online transactions and quick bookings. This will equip you with the latest in NET banking, NEFT transfers, wallet systems and online card transactions.

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maintenance & support

Maintenance And Support

  Overview: To a customer driven company, client satisfaction is paramount. This is why Maraekat levies a strong focus on after sales support and support. Our call centre is available 24x7 to solve any need that may arise during and after product sales.

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SMS And Email Gateways

  Overview: Maraekat also integrates SMS packs as well as email marketing solutions into your web portal for effective client communication. This includes marketing messages, mass mailers, important notifications via email and sms, login details emails, etc.

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